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What is the Putney Energy Committee and what are we up to now?

PEC is a dedicated group of towns people, working on projects to save energy and raise awareness of the triple challange of Peak Oil, Climate change and Economic instibility, globally and locally.

We are an adhoc organization and meet irregullarly. The Chair is Daniel Hoviss, meetings are open to the public. Daniel is also the town energy coordinator, and many of the activities below are also part of town programs or projects.

Please join the PEC for our summer 2014 project list

1. Green Bike Project - phase 2 soon...

2. Town-wide Recycling project and CD recycling

3. Energy Decent Action Plan for Putney - with Transition Putney - outcome of the re-write of the energy section of the town plan.

4. LED light bulb drive - 2012 - ongoing - free consulting!

5. LED streetlights replacement project - completed!

6. Streetlight report, workgroup and Energy coordinator - completed - waiting for official policy...

7. Putney's ACCELERATED CLEAN ENERGY (ACE) program Completed in 2012

8. Green Building  - Solar Home Tour - Button up workshops - as needed.

9. Solarize Putney! - Three types of Solar all discounted.

Program sunsets end of July 2014 - sign up!

10. Municipal PV electric project - ongoing

11. Municipal weatherization project grant - ongoing

PEC supports the many initiatives of Transition Putney


PEC also supports 350.ORG - For more information on 350.org and the effects please visit the ocean fact sheet, watch Bills McKibbin's new movie.


PEC is involved with multiple community projects, the Post Oil Solutions group and the new Transition Putney movement. There are renewable energy resources, links and incentives you might find useful in the menu above. Please come to our monthly meetings, get involved and support your local energy committee.

PEC and the Town of Putney Changed over 3000 bulbs! Watch a video of the Bulb Drop

For the most up-to-date news please check our announcements section.
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